Journeying to the Roof of Africa

Few experiences can be as physically satisfying and emotionally gratifying as our climb up Mount Kilimanjaro tour. Not only did we manage to surmount our challenge but also extended help to a Tanzanian orphanage as part of the cultural belief of Lushescapes, to better life in the areas we tread. Get ready for an adventure to conquer the world's tallest walkable mountain, a walk that we will make unforgettable for you.

The climb begins

Our journey begins in Moshi Town where we make our way to the Machame Gate. Greeted by the rest of the team, we bow our heads in a quick prayer. It is time for our months of training to kick in.With mixed feelings of joy, excitement and nervousness, the climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro begins. The presence of our head guide and team of assistant guides inspires confidence. The mood is jubilant and we commence our ascent to the most spell binding views of the lush green rain forests. After a challenging morning climb, we reach an altitude of 3,000 metres above sea level to behold a spectacular view.

Stay under the sky

Refreshed and re-invigorated, we leave the forest behind, and start to climb the ridge. Just when we start to tire, the sight of a splendid river gorge breathes a new life into us. We set up at Shira, 3,840m above sea level. The rugged terrain is not without a wholesome, well-prepared, carb-rich meal, thanks to the professional cooks that are part of our entourage. From the dinner tent, we move to tents with custom made ground sheets and cold weather sleeping mats and settle in to a warm and comfortable sleep.

Soar higher

As the grueling but fun days go by, we quickly arrive at the final day of our climb, the hardest part of this entire trek. We acclimate to the lower oxygen levels and tread on through the snow on our toughest climb, Stella Point, 5,685m above sea level. As we pause for a breather, the enchanting rays of the evening sun peek through a cloud and take away every bit of tiredness.

Destination: roof of Africa

Onwards we tread, to Uhuru Peak, 5,896 m, also known as the rooftop of Africa. Breathing gets tougher with each step but our sense of accomplishment grows. An hour later we arrive safely at our destination. Words fail to describe the ecstasy of this impeccable moment; all one can say is “to travel is to live...”.

Best time to visit

January- March and June-October

Ideal length

4-7 days

Best for

Wildlife, romantic gateaway, family vacation

Experience includes

trek, sleep under the stars

Estimated cost

USD 3500 onwards

The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.





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