Dinner in the Sky

It is hard for you to believe that what you see is the Las Vegas skyline. Like a faint line scrawled by a brown pencil, the mountains outline the horizon, looking more beautiful than ever. The skyscrapers look like little toys placed on a mat by some child, belying the incredible life that surrounds them. And you are most struck by the peace of what you see. You are most struck that Las Vegas, a place which buzzes with blinding lights, laughter and excitement looks soothing from here.

‘Sir, may I serve?’, with these words, a steward seeks to place a serving of Chuletillas before you, prepared by Paco Roncero, the celebrated Spanish Chef. As you prepare to savour the delectable chops, you can't help feeling a little guilty, having been served Tortilla de patatas, Polvorón and Paella already. But then, you brush off that thought, since here, suspended fifty meters above Las Vegas, as you eat a fine meal with a group of friends, indulgence and luxury are the only norms.

Meanwhile, a pianist plays your favourite songs, his piano placed neatly on another suspension a few feet from yours. Too full of the moment, you recollect as you had first laid your eyes on the actual arrangement. Looking out from the window of your Limo which had picked you from the airport, you had noticed the huge dining table, hanging a good fifty meters above Las Vegas. A strange sense of anticipation had filled your being that very moment, but blended with a slight apprehension too. However, your fears about safety had been quickly dispelled as you met the team, each member trained and certified to conduct the entire experience with utmost safety and regard.

And now, three hours later, you feel safe. You feel different. You feel truly delighted. You know that in a few hours from now, it will be time for the table to be lowered and for you to step back in the world you have lived in. A world which is beautiful in its own way, but does not match up to this experience. And then, you smile to yourself, because you know that you will return one day, maybe to another place, but you will return to your table in the skies to re-live these moments.

Yes, dinner in the sky awaits you too; not only is it luxurious and exclusive, Lushescapes offers you a dinner experience with a difference – Dinner in the Sky. A Belgian concept which involves a table suspended almost 50 meters above the ground, it is already a rage across the world for those with a penchant for the extraordinary. With choices across a host of custom made options, you can be there with your family, colleagues, friends, or just yourself.

Some of the finest chefs serve their fares while you are entertained by music, or go through a business presentation, all suspended using a second crane. Moreover, the experience can be arranged over a variety of locations such as golf courses, public places, race tracks, castles, vineyards or any other, as long as the site allows some conditions. So reach Lushescapes soon, and we shall serve you dinner in the sky. We shall serve you a truly unique experience in the sky.