Live Like A King @ The Larnach Castle
You stand atop the castle tower and look out. On the east side, you can see the rugged ends of Otago peninsula, marked by small inlets. Towards the south stands a vista of the Dunedin beaches of St. Kilda and St. Clair. Green hills, with the Signal Hill standing proudly amongst them, form the view on the west. But while absorbing these panoramas of beauty and nature, you are most aware of a wonder which is closest to you at the moment – the Larnach Castle, which you stand on top of.

New Zealand's only castle, Larnach certainly carries enough regality to make the entire country proud. Standing alone atop the Otago Peninsula, it is arguably located at the most beautiful place in the famously scenic New Zealand. You remember being excited at the thought of staying at the castle itself, but as you first laid your eyes on it from the window of your Limo as it approached the castle, you were spellbound. Built in 1871 by a baron for his beloved wife, the monument struck you instantly with its spectacular towers and the lush flora surrounding it. As you got closer, you understood why it took over 200 workmen more than three years to build the shell of the castle, and a team of master European craftsmen a further 12 years embellishing its interiors. Just the front entrance of the castle left you awed with its imposing facades, making you wonder of what lay inside. As your personal tour director introduced you to the staff, you stared at the treasure of memorabilia adorning the interiors. Royal paintings, antiquated chandeliers and rich carpets created an ambience which belonged to a different era. Soon, you were introduced to your place of stay, the Victorian Room located within the castle premises. Featuring a king sized Rimu four poster bed, the room stood decorated in Victorian colours and touches, underlining the British influence on New Zealand's history. You remember feeling that even the bathroom looked royal with its Victorian tiles!

And now as you stand atop a castle tower, the feeling has hit an all time high. "Sir, the dinner is ready to be served", your personal tour director informs you. Preparing yourself to venture deeper into this splendid experience, you follow him to the castle dining room. Looking resplendent with its vintage articles, gold framed paintings and a fireplace which had consumed many a royal woods, the dining room awaited you with a huge mahogany table in its centre. A steward pulls out the chair for you, and as you take your seat, a host of staff begins to place your dinner on the table. Servings of Colonial Goose, muffins and pavlova fill the ambience with their aroma as a strong British and Scottish influence on New Zealand's cuisine makes itself evident. As you begin with your dinner, three members of the staff stand in attention, responding with agility to your every requirement.

Forty minutes later, after you have eaten to your contentment, you are served some wine, one of the country's most celebrated offerings to the world. Sipping leisurely at the wine as you sit in the dining room of a castle, surrounded by royal memorabilia, with a host of staff waiting in your attendance, you feel no less than a king. You smile to yourself, raising the glass to one of your stewards who smiles back with a nod. "Here is to Larnach", you say.

Here is your opportunity to experience the royalty, Lushescapes brings you exclusive services for accommodation, dining and a host of other activities at the Larnach Castle, New Zealand. Notwithstanding the supreme luxury promised at the castle, a personal tour director shall ensure that all the supporting arrangements such as bookings and transportations are taken care of without any botheration to you. So call us and step into a castle, into a unique experience.