Luxury Rail Journeys With Lushescapes
You wait at the sleepy station in Venice with bated breath. Your personal tour director has already made the luggage arrangements. It's just a train, but from what you have heard and read about it, it's much more than that. "It's coming in, Sir", your tour director informs you, as he receives the information on his phone.

As you look towards the meandering track lines with anticipation, it appears, rising from behind a turn like a princess, its navy and gold colours gleaming splendidly. You stand there, bewitched by the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, as it makes its way towards you. Golden hues accentuate its exteriors in the form of patterns and designs, making it look like a piece of art on wheels. Its vintage wagons which still retain their original styling dating back to the 1920s, sway elegantly as the train comes to a stop, halting with a slight hiss. A smartly dressed bell boy in his neat navy blue uniform picks up your luggage and escorts you to your cabin suite. If the exteriors left you spellbound, the interiors leave you even more mesmerized. Polished wooden panels adorn the walls, while a pair of well kept beds is placed in the sparkling suite. A plush sofa awaits you in one corner, while a lovely vanity finds its place in another. Your luggage already placed in the cabin, you settle down on the sofa and look out of the window. Without the slightest bump, the train resumes her journey, pulling out of the station with a grace only she can carry.

After a nap on the luxurious beds, you are ready for dinner. Adhering to the norms on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, you slip into a black cocktail dress as your tour director awaits you outside your suite. He escorts you to the biggest of the three gorgeous dining cars held by the elegant train. Its interiors besotted by Lalique crystal insets, the car impresses you instantly. You are seated at a reserved table, as some of the finest cuisines are laid out before you by a team of skilled and well mannered staff. You are served a round of cognac after the sumptuous meal, and as you sit unhurriedly at the table, your tour director shares the regal history and legacy of the train with you.

Celebrated as an Art Deco icon, the train has been carrying the world's elite since 1883. The legendary train has carried kings and celebrities in its historical wagons, and also caught the fancy of Agatha Christie who created one of her most noted tales – Murder on the Orient Express, around it. A refurbishment in 1982 only enhanced its appeal, sprucing up the amenities without losing the vintage shimmer in any way.

Listening to the mystifying history of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, you feel even more drawn into the unabated elegance of the graceful train. As you turn to look out of the window, rows of trees pass you, though not clearly visible in the dark. Once again, you take a look around the dining car with its antique ambience, and take another sip of the cognac, enchanted by the legacy that is the Venice Simplon-Orient Express.

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express is one of the few luxury trains you can board. Lushescapes offers you Luxury train journeys which draw you into a world of mystique, elegance and history with their charms. At the same time, we ensure that your energies are not wasted as dedicated tour directors ensure all supporting services are carried out seamlessly. So call us, and we shall set you off on a journey into magic and history. A journey which is an experience in itself, a unique experience.