Private Air Charter - For The Rich And Famous
You look at clouds floating across the window, as the Falcon 2000 slices the skies, flying at a speed of almost 520 miles per hour. A glass of martini rests comfortably on the table before you, and a steward waits in attendance. A giant LCD screen plays a movie, placed firmly on the panel opposite you. Flying over the Pacific Ocean now, you hardly feel like it, as the falcon cruises ahead without the slightest aberration in its smoothness.

“Sir, please enjoy the view of the ocean”, the voice of your pilot crackles over the speaker above your seat. Looking down from the window, you notice how calm the blue waters look from here. The choppy waves, which are almost threatening to sailors, seem to fade into oblivion to you as the surface looks soothingly calm and placid, the morning sunlight making it shimmer. You love flying, you have always loved it.

But nothing compares to the high you obtain from flying this way. No harried co passengers, no waiting for the air hostesses to respond, no unseen delays. Just you, ensconced comfortably in your very own suite in the clouds, with the earth laid out miles below you like a giant carpet and the skies within touching distance.

Noticing that you have emptied your glass, you ask your steward for the other delectable members of his selection of wines. You pick out one of the Burgundy wines, and as the steward goes to the kitchen to fetch it, you decide to savour it in the on flight spa. A few minutes later, you lie in the spa, sipping on the fine wine as Beethoven croons over the in-flight music system.

“Sir, we hope you are having a good time with us”, the voice of one of the crew members says over the speakers. You smile, take another sip of the wine, and say to yourself, “You bet I am.”

Now it’s your turn to revel in your suite in the skies. Lushescapes offers you premium air charter services across the world which ensures that you travel high, and you travel high in style. With a range of the most advanced machines such as Falcon 2000, P 180 Avanti II and the Falcon 2000LX, you have a choice beyond the reach of most and with personnel of the highest expertise in providing service to patrons of fine life such as you. You are in for a unique experience.