Casa Dell Arte

Rates starting from Euro 350 per suite per night.

Special Offer : Family Fiesta

Luxury design hotel Casa Dell’Arte, situated at  Torba Bay, one of Bodrum’s most enchanting spots, offers a novel resort concept which merges the merits of sea, sun, a rich range of flavours and art. The Latin name Casa Dell’Arte translated as   “House of Art” into English.

As the name implies, Casa Dell’Arte is a hotel dedicated to art. Pioneering a brand new concept in Turkey, Casa Dell’Arte exhibits original paintings and sculptures on its premises, including the guest suites. The hotel has been created by connoisseurs and enthusiasts of art with the intention of making it “an experience”. A painting by Hamit Görele or Fikret Mualla or Nuri İyem may be watching over you as you sleep, face you as you dine or a statuette may stand next  to you as you sunbathe. With this concept, Art becomes a part of your everyday life, diving into the depths of your soul, cleansing it almost like a detox program.

It has 12 suite rooms individually decorated in the most exquisite taste evident in every detail of their architecture, natural environment, adornment and presentation.  These suite rooms offering the ultimate level in comfort with up to date technology, are also galleries of art in themselves, featuring original paintings by renowned Turkish painters.  The hotel itself resembles an art museum with many precious works of art adorning every corner.

The A La Carte Restaurant is the main dining hall of the hotel where you may enjoy not only superior service and tastes from its experienced chefs, but it also offers a house-party atmosphere where guests dine together at a long table, choosing their wines from specially built cellar.  A special Bar and Snack Menu caters to guests who wish to eat at the seaside or poolside.

Casa Dell’Arte is ready to welcome guests who wish to enjoy a pleasurable holiday and share the love for art with hotel founders. This is not simply a Bodrum hotel but a House of Art that brings art to Bodrum. A House of Art where a unique facet of luxury and enjoyment of life is to be shared with local and foreign art enthusiasts.