Cheli and Peacock

Rates for Wildlife Safaris starting from USD 800 per person per night.

Special Offer : Free Transfers

A harmonious blend of nature and luxury, Cheli & Peacock brings to you the ultimate safari experience in Africa...

A "safari" is one of the most romantic and adventurous vacation you will ever take; the cliché "it will change your life" holds true. The personalized safari, offering the best of the best, is what a "holiday of a lifetime" is really about.

The home of safari, East Africa has a temperate climate all year, and a choice of dramatically different eco-systems – fertile savannahs, semi-deserts, mountain forests, and soft white coral beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean, and continues to offer an unparalleled wildlife spectacle.  The local people are famed for their gentle hospitality, and diverse cultures – warrior tribes, nomadic herdsmen, Swahili fishermen.

Our personalized and tailor made services always ensure that you get the best.

•    Operate the best safari for the client – taking into account their interest, age, celebrations; so that they get the very best out of their safari experience.
•    Responsibility and professionalism - attention to detail, compulsory Flying Doctors membership, vetted destinations and subcontractors, and responsible eco-tourism are an essential part of the safari planning.  An officer from Cheli & Peacock is always on call.
•    Emphasis on wildlife experience, complete safari experience and guiding - as well as enjoying the most dramatic and romantic bedrooms in the world!

Is your vacation a romantic honeymoon, a family adventure, a well deserved chill, or a long held passion to visit Africa?  Every African safari we operate is tailor made for each client.