The Tsitouras Collection of Villas - Santorini

Rates starting from Euro 495 per house per night.

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On Santorini, legend is almost indistinguishable from reality. Known to have been the land of Atlantis, it offers travelers with the finest views of the azure sea. Nestled here is The Tsitouras Collection. A unique luxury collection of private accommodation nest suited for the guests looking for ultimate relaxation from the glitz and glamour of city life. Some of their most famous guests include Gianni Versace, Moschino, Joan Kennedy, Jack Lang, Demis Roussos, Harvey Keitel, Nana Mouskouri, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hugh Jackman, David Coulthard and others. There are five suites of the Tsitouras Collection, perched on a thousand foot cliff overlooking one of the most spectacular views in the Mediterranean.

The House of the Sea is one of the five unique accommodations at The Tsitouras Collection. It has a characteristic atmosphere of romance, with hints of distant destinations and evidence of the lure of the sea. The House of Nureyev is preferred by honeymooners, perched as it is above the others in a dancer´s pirouette. The House of Winds symbolizes the unique natural elements of the wonderful islands and comes with amenities par excellence. The House of Portraits has been specially designed with furniture although modern, blends in beautifully with the various Tsitouras Collection pieces. The House of Porcelain offers warm lemon colour of the walls, making the atmosphere particularly hospitable and shows off the furniture, decorations and works of art to the best possible advantage. The Tsitouras Collection Villas shall dazzle you with their beauty and come with a fully equipped kitchen and three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, all carefully laid out to activate the feeling of comfort. Outside is the blue of the pool that appears to merge seamlessly, symbolically into the open sea.

An a-la-carte breakfast is served throughout the day, on tables laid with silver cutlery and special designed dishes. Lunch and dinner proposals are also available either from the exceptional menu or in the form of a private 6 course dining in the stunning Maria Callas Terrace. There they offer Mediterranean cuisine, with emphasis on fresh seafood and fish. Alternatively, the menu may be discussed and constructed by the chef and guest, depending on your preferences.  This arrangement has been made for one party at a time to ensure real intimacy. The hotel also offers several body treatments available on request and a boutique to shop. 

Additional Information:

Celebrate weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries or birthdays with your friends by booking the entire hotel as a private villa. They are also equally well equipped to cater to business conferences and private meetings.