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French Polynesia

Nature is undoubtedly a true gift to mankind. It offers us unforgettable beauty and serenity. There are numerous natural wonders that travellers are discovering as they journey ahead. One such destination is the French Polynesia. It is a French overseas collectivity in the southern Pacific Ocean made up of several groups of Polynesian islands, the most famous island being Tahiti in the Society Islands group. These islands have a total land area of 4,167 square kilometres with around 130 islands.

The region is made up of six groups of islands, the largest and most populated of which is Tahiti. The island groups include the Austral Islands, Bass Islands, Gambier Islands, Marquesas Islands, the Society Islands and the Tuamotu Archipelago. Apart from Tahiti, some other important atolls, islands, and island groups in French Polynesia are Ahe, Bora Bora, Hiva `Oa, Huahine, Maiao, Maupiti, Mehetia, Moorea, Nuku Hiva, Raiatea, Tahaa, Tetiaroa, Tubuai, and Tupai.

French is the official language of French Polynesia. These islands have allured, inspired and enamoured visitors since the time the islands were first discovered. A holiday on any of these islands is a special experience. They are lined with the finest luxury resorts and spa retreats.

The lure of these islands is not only due to the hospitable Polynesian people, but also their spectacularly beautiful islands and reef beds of the azure ocean. The ambiance also includes the breathtaking fauna and the romantic sunsets that signal the end of a fabulous Tahitian day.

The Tahitians welcome travellers with warm, friendly, and genuine hospitality. Although the official language of French Polynesia is French but Tahitian is spoken as much.

Quick Facts

Location: Southern Pacific Ocean

Time: Tahiti and Her Islands span three time zones.

Gambier Islands: GMT - 9.

Marquesas Islands: GMT - 9.5

Society Archipelago, Tubuai Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago (except Gambier Islands)

Tahiti: GMT - 10

Capital: Papeete

Visa: Pre-departure visas required for some nationalities. 

Language: French


French Polynesia is located in the tropical zone of the southern hemisphere. The winter season is May through October and the summer season is November through April. Such weather basically pertains to the Society Islands. The Marquesas Islands are much closer to the Equator, so their weather tends to be warmer with more rainfall. At the other extreme, the Gambier Islands are about as far south of the Equator as the northern part of Mexico is north of the Equator.


The currency of French Polynesia (Tahiti) is the Pacific Franc.