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If you are looking for a holiday that is packed with a blend of relaxation, entertainment, shopping and some warm hospitality, the incredible land of Indonesia is a must on your list.

Known for its blend of natural beauty and a strong cultural and historical background, the islands of Indonesia are located in the middle of Indian and Pacific Ocean. It composes of seventeen thousand islands that stretch over five thousand miles along the equator. The Malay Peninsula and Indochina are situated to the north-west, and the continent of Australia lies due south. It offers the world's largest archipelago, with its islands satiated with a stunning variety of topographies and ecologies. From mist-shrouded volcanoes and mountains, unexplored rain forests, thousands of miles of beaches to the endless offshore reefs, Indonesia has a dazzling abundance of wildlife, making it an ideal destination for adventure, luxury and eco-travel.

The great majority of the country's constituent islands include Sumatra, Kalimantan (formerly Borneo, and shared with Malaysia), Sulawesi, and Java. The Indonesian state of Irian Jaya occupies the western half of New Guinea, which is the world's second largest island (behind Greenland). The most populous of the Indonesian islands by far is Java, home to the sprawling capital city of Jakarta. Other notable islands include the exotic, popular resort island of Bali, Lombok, Catholic Flores, and Komodo, better known as the home of the dragons. Indonesia's cities are in a constant state of urban evolution, where dense populations, technology and construction live in hectic symbiosis. But most of the archipelago's territory remains unexplored, concealing a wealth of cultures and a myriad of landscapes. Oceanic rice fields and ancient sultanates in Java are humbled by haunting volcanic cones. The jungles of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua are zoological wonders, revealing impish monkeys, stoic sun bears, leopards, orang-utans and remarkable marsupials.

It is truly a spicy melange of natural aroma, vivid colours, dramatic vistas and diverse cultures. Indonesia has a population of about 250 million and it is the fourth most populous country in the world. There are about 583 languages and dialects spoken here.

Quick Facts

Location: South-East Asia

Time: GMT + 8

Capital: Jakarta

Visa: Pre-departure visas required for some nationalities. 

Language: Bahasa Indonesia is the official national language.


Indonesia usually offers a tropical climate. The temperature is almost constant except for the exceptionally rainy season's nights, when it can drop. The temperature on the coast is about 28°C. There are two discernible seasons in Indonesia. The dry season extends from June to October and the rainy season lasts from November to March. The coastal regions, however, are often cool, and in the mountains the air is often chilly.


The local currency of Indonesia is Rupiah.