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When on a lookout for a holiday that is a perfect blend of pristine beauty and an irresistible cultural flair, there is no better destination than the resplendent Greece. Athens is the capital of Greece and it is made of the mainland and over 140 inhabited islands. With its myriad of experiences to offer, it is well known as one of Europe’s newest holiday hotspots that are both vibrant and soothing. Part of the European Union, Greece is well known for its dazzling beaches and alcoves as well as a strong historical background with sites dating back to the bygone eras.

From the ancient beauty of Delos; the grandeur of Delphi and the earthiness of Ioannina to the pulsing nightclubs of Mykonos, the rugged hillsides of Crete and the enigma of ancient Athens, the Greek landscapes and activities have something in store for everyone.

Besides, when in Greece, one cannot miss visiting the Acropolis, Olympia, the world renowned Santorini and Rhodes. Its beautiful beaches, restaurants and archaeological sites have been popular for decades. If you are in for a more relaxed time, hop over to the lesser known, yet breathtaking islands like Sifnos, Lesvos, Kea that have always been attractive to those looking for a more quiet escape.
With a multicultural society, Greece is a destination of many languages and friendly communities. One could bask in its history and architecture of this wonderful destination or simply wander through the markets of Athens where one can experience the foot tapping throb of the rembetika (blues songs) or simply sample some Greek cuisine with tzatziki and coffee over some casual gossip.

Quick Facts

Location: Southeast Europe

Time: GMT + 2

Capital: Athens

Visa: Pre-departure visas required for some nationalities. 

Language: Greek (Ellenika)

The weather is fairly uniform throughout Greece. Due to its geographical position, Greece and the Greek Islands have mild winters and warm summers, cooled by the different kind of seasonal winds. The summers are characterized by sunshine and very little rainfall that makes it a great summer holiday destination.


The Euro is the currency of Greece since 2002. Previously, it was the drachma.