Yacht Sailing With Lushescapes
Fine droplets from the surf splash your face with their cool, soft hands. The clear, blue waters rise as waves, forming curtains across the face of the ocean for as far as you can see. Gusts of winds strike against your chest, hardly restrained by the thin floral shirt you are wearing and you feeling like Columbus cut across the waters of Greece, your proud yacht streaming across the waters like a chariot from another world. A certified guide accompanies you, making sure nothing goes wrong to interfere with your voyage. You feel so confident, that you almost forget that it's your first experience with yacht sailing.

Suddenly, the winds change the direction of their flow, and you, like an expert, turn the steering wheel, aligning your elegant vehicle gracefully with them. Your trainer nods approvingly at you, as you smile proudly. Suddenly, you spot something out of the corner of your left eye. You turn your head instantly, only to find waves lapping at each other. You keep staring, wondering and then it happens, breaking the surface, out leaps in the air, a dolphin. It's glistening body, shiny fins and that smile, only a dolphin can look so stunning and sweet at the same time. Rising to a height of almost four feet over the surface, the dolphin gazes at you for a second, almost welcoming you to the ocean, and then crashes back into the waters causing a huge splash. You stand on your yacht, spellbound, feeling delighted at meeting such a special inhabitant of this world of water.

You still find it hard to believe that a few days earlier, you were embroiled in the corporate world, dashing from one meeting to another. Even when you were picked up by your Limo at the airport, you had no idea this experience of yacht sailing would be so unique, almost like an odyssey into another world. And you remember feeling a distinct sense of awe, when you were introduced to your yacht, a state-of-the-art ANTARA 151. With its four newly varnished satin teak staterooms, a master suite with a steam shower, office area and even a health club, ANTARA had struck you as no less than a compact luxury hotel in itself. And now, with assistance from your personal guide, you steer her expertly, she following your every move with power and grace.

Suddenly, your guide points out in the distance, where the island of Crete looms at the horizon. With its mountainous and rocky outline, the island looks both intimidating and alluring to you at the same time. You decide that Crete shall be your next stop on this aquatic journey with the beautiful lady called ANTARA.

You start turning the steering with the grace and strength you have acquired by now. Latching onto your move, the yacht begins to curve her away against the waters, sending sharp sheets of the clear blue waters leaping in the air. Aligning the nose of ANTARA with the direction leading to Crete, you stabilize her expertly. "Good Job!", yells your guide, as you lead the yacht forward towards yet another exploration.

Wish you were behind the wheel of ANTARA? You can be. Lushescapes offers a variety of yacht sailing experiences. Be it the Caribbean, Greece or the Bahamas, you can enjoy sailing a luxury yacht in any part of the world with us. The choice in yachts is equally alluring, with the most luxurious and elegant ones available for your picking. Also, certified personal trainers ensure that you don't just enjoy being on it, but actually sailing the yacht. So reach us now, your yacht is all ready to set sail.