Alaskan Wilderness Safari

Alaska is one of the most untapped destinations, and our bespoke wilderness trail taps into the territories far afield from the usual tourist spots, leaving you spellbound in an immersive nature adventure. Experience a scenic voyage through ice covered glaciers, snow capped mountains and glittering streams at Portage Valley. Settle into our luxury boutique hotelsto enjoy some fine hospitality and world cuisine. Your adventure seeking heart will find its soul at white water rafting in the Alaskan rapids, private expedition to Katishma, and a glorious wildlife excursion at Kenai Fjords National Park with whales, sea birds and sea lions. This is bigger, wilder and more amazing than you ever imagined. You’ve got to see it for yourself!

Glacier discovery

Our journey begins on the Philips 26 glacier cruise in Whittier as we glide smoothly across the icy waters of the Esther passage past majestic glaciers. The Glacier Discovery Train then takes us on a scenic voyage along the mystical isthmus of Portage Valley to Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage. The scene we behold is straight out of a fairy tale; glacial banks surround us, as a pod of beluga whales and school of salmon swim below the surface of the icy waters.

A room with a spectacular view

A day in town and we’re back on a train to Denali Park. We’re fast-tracked through priority check-in at the station and escorted to our upper level dome seats. We nestle in and stare through the glass, at the gorgeous view of the mountain ranges interrupted by gurgling streams and misty waterfalls. Luxury is a constant companion on this trip and we savor a hot feast prepared to our specific requests in the train’s exclusive dining carriage. Settled into our luxurious boutique hotel in Denali, we indulge in a quick nap before an entertaining night of dinner theatre at the Alaska Cabin.

Adventure begins

The evening is a delightful combination of memorable performances and a wholesome Alaskan meal of freshwater salmon, barbecue ribs and blueberry cobbler. The days ahead are filled with exhilaration as we journey on to McKinsley, a small hamlet, where we’re scheduled for a canyon run on an 18-foot raft. White water rafting in the Alaskan rapids is next on the list. Along with the adrenaline driven excursions, come more sedate experiences, like a private expedition to beautiful Kantishna, once known for gold mining. Steeped in history and tradition, the excursion includes a guided tour by a native ranger from the National Park Service.

Wildlife excursion

Our final destination lays us in the lap of nature: Kenai Fjords National Park Tour; a glorious 6-hour experience in the natural habitat of whales, seabirds, and sea lions. We end the night with chatter on our lips and our minds racing in wonderment at the visual feast of the last few days. Nestled in bed in our comfortable suite we drive off to dream of our next adventure.

Best time to visit

Mid May – Mid September

Ideal length

7-10 Days

Best for

Family Trip

Experience includes

Glacier Crash into the Ocean | Face-to-Face with a Wild Beast | See Alpenglow at Midnight | Kenai Fjords Naational Park

Estimated cost

USD 7000 onwards

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.