Argentinian Adventure

From the dizzying heights of its peaks to the depths of the cosmopolitan city life that gave birth to the intoxicating Tango, Argentina is a combination of sheer natural beauty and urbane sophistication. From the capital, Buenos Aires to the untouched countryside, explore the true essence of Argentinian life through a series of unique experiences. Private wine tasting at the El Querandi’s cave, magical trails through Yerba mate plantations, a walk through the rainforest on a moonlit night, spectacular sight of the Iguazu Falls and the Lake Grey peninsula, and many more. Create some picture perfect memories riding on the end-of-the-world train from Ushuaia, or a hike across the Aonikenk trail. On this journey, you would symbolically open our senses to embrace the perfect mix of peace and excitement, scenic views and the soulful, hypnotic moves of the Samba.

Stunning city life

The mesmerizing capital, Buenos Aires, is adorned by magnificent edifices like the Plaza de Mayo, Pink House, and the Metropolitan Cathedral, but the true essence of Argentinian life is found in its underbelly. We explore the subterranean tunnels of San Telmo that house the town’s trendiest barrios, ending the night with a private wine tasting session at the tastefully designed El Querandi’s Cave.

Country roads – away from home

Away from the bustle of the city, we head to the quieter countryside on a fascinating tour of the predominantly untouched Yerba mate plantations. The spectacular sight of the mighty Iguazu Falls crashing down in to the river leaves us mesmerized. The day ends with a tour of the nine interpretation trails, where we walk through the magical rainforest on this moonlit night.

End-of-the-world train

We take you for a picnic lunch at the peak of Mount Kenya on a helicopter. Enjoy a lovely meal and descend to a sanctuary in the midst of savannah grasslands. You will find some quad bikes, waiting just for you, to explore the nature and scenic beauty of the plateau.

The next day, we arrive at the busy port of Ushuaia, where the lofty Andes meet the currents of the Beagle channel. This touristic city is often called the end of the world due to its proximity to Antarctica. A memorable ride on the End-of-the-World Train, and a hike to the Green Lagoon end in a visit to Isla de los Lobos, to watch sea lions and fur seals.

Sail away

In Patagonia, shared by both Argentina and Chile, we are in for an experience of a lifetime as we sail across Lago Argentino to the Upsala and Spegazzini glaciers, where the stunning panorama surrounds us as we shuffle behind our tour guide across the snow covered terrain. The voyage has far from ended as a trek to the Lake Grey peninsula, walk across the Aonikenk trail and a photo safari lie ahead.

Best time to visit

Oct - March

Ideal length

10-14 days

Best for

Honeymooners, Family & Retreats

Experience includes

Hotel accommodations, private guides, concierge assistance and sightseeing

Estimated cost

USD 5,000 onwards

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