Bhutan- The Forgotten Kingdom

Bhutan is a hidden jewel steeped in rich culture, tradition and art. Also known as one of the happiest nations in the world, this country is the home of Buddhist culture. Our luxury escapade will take you to this almost untouched Himalayan kingdom, its major cities of Paro and Thimphu, plus monasteries, spectacular remote villages and fortresses. This journey is enriched with history and culture - you'll visitmanychortens and ancient Buddhist sites. We also lined up some of the most luxurious staying options for you.Come and explore the heart of Bhutan, we will make sure you see the best it has to offer, without compromising on the comfort and quality of your journey.

Paradise found

Our travels in Bhutan begin in the little paradise of Paro. Our boutique hotel is a surprising example of utmost modernity teamed with fabulous service. Uma Paro ideally located in a lush green park, overlooking the magnificent Himalayan mountainside, bordered by spectacular pine forests. The hotel, built in the traditional Bhutanese design, is impeccably decorated and extremely well maintained. It offers elegantly designed interiors, lip-smacking culinary delights, and a pampering spa, complete with a cool pool amidst the emerald valley around us.

Exploring the countryside

The countryside is replete with gorgeous drives. We take a ride to Thimphu, and onward on the zig-zagging road to Punakha. The road twists and turns all the way up to the 3,000-metre-high mountain pass of Dochu La with its forests of fluttering prayer flags and sweeping views of the Himalayan range.

Going local

An invigorating morning walk by the riverside from the Punakha Valley to Paro takes us through lush farmland and homesteads. At the Botakha Palace, the gardens are full of fruit trees brimming with ripe produce. We are told that the local farmers still pay homage to a huge mythical serpent by offering rice harvest in the posthole of a huge prayer flag.

Spiritual voyage

We deepen our knowledge of Buddhist culture and traditions as a local monk gives us enlightened talks on spirituality and the simplicity of life. Our learning is complemented by nourishment for the body via yoga classes and rejuvenating massages. On our last night, we ride ponies to the wilderness of the Bumdra Monastery campsite, settled high in the Himalayas. Thus ends a week of ultimate comfort and spiritual and cultural enrichment...that is until our next journey back to this beautiful and spirited land.

Best time to visit

March - May, Sept - Nov

Ideal length

6-7 days

Best for

Adventure enthusiasts & Nature lovers

Experience includes

Hotel accommodations, private guides, concierge assistance, spiritual engagements and bespoke sightseeing

Estimated cost

USD 6,000 onwards

One's destination is never a place,
but a new way of seeing things.