Cherry Blossom in Japan

Springtime is nothing less than magical in Japan, the iconic sakura (cherry blossoms) blankets the whole country with beautiful pink flowers in vibrant and colorful splendor. We have handpicked the best spots to witness the blossoms. On this trail through from Tokyo, Mount Minobu, Kyoto, and Shijoko, you will witness some scenic wonders, luxe stays, traditional performances, city hot spots and more. This is a trip to the land of the rising sun and blooming blossoms that will leave you speechless, we promise.


The capital, Tokyo, is steeped in the cultural resonance of urban excellence, with wooden structures and thatched roofs interspersed with towering skyscrapers. We relax and rejuvenate our minds in the plush interiors of Seiyo Ginza. Our personal butler recommends a quick massage before we head to bed.

Off to Mount Minobu

On the trail of the cherry blossoms we head to Mount Minobu, Yamanashi. This lovely peak is also home to, Kuon-ji temple dedicated to Nichiren sect of Buddhism. But to get to that, we walk through a scenic cedar forest. The beautiful whiff in the air signifies the flowering of the enchanting cherry blossom combined with the sweet scent of cedar. Once at the top, we sigh at the exhilarating view of Mount Fuji and Shichimen and the merging waves of the Pacific Ocean and the Suraga Bay lapping below.

Cultural bliss

Onward to Kyoto, we are charmed by the rituals attached to the traditional tea ceremony at Bikounen. In Shijoko we see the cherry blossoms lit up by paper lanterns in a scene straight out of a story book. The hot spring of KuramaOnsen are a welcome addition to our already calmed souls. We lie back and soak in the warmth of the water and the scenic beauty of the pine trees and the magnificent mountains.

Many faces of Japan

As entranced as we are by the blossoms, we do make time to see the other wonders of Japan including the Kyoto Imperial Palace, DiagoJi Temple, and the castles of Ko'oriyama and Himeji. An authentic Geisha performance leaves us spellbound.

Best time to visit

March - April

Ideal length

10-12 days

Best for

Families, Honeymooners & Nature Lovers

Experience includes

Hotel accommodations, private guides, concierge assistance, cherry blossom viewing and bespoke sightseeing

Estimated cost

USD 15,000 onwards

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.