Dinner in the Sky

The sun is setting against the backdrop of the Las Vegas skyline. Like a faint line scrawled by a brown pencil, the outline of the mountains is seen on the horizon, and the skyscrapers resemble play toys. As we watch the comings and going of the city below, we are struck by the fact that Las Vegas, a city abuzz with noise, laughter and excitement looks distinctly calm and peaceful from up here, 50 meters above the city. This is a unique experience designed by Lushescapes for your taste buds and adventurous soul.

Up in the air

Suspended in the air, the only sound we hear is the voice of the steward as he tells us about the dish he is about to place in front of us. PacoRoncero, the celebrated Spanish Chef, has specially prepared this particular serving of Chuletillas. After the previous courses of Tortilla de Patatas, Polvorón and Paella, our appetite appeared to be more than fully sated. Now, however, the fragrant and appetizing smell of the chuletillas has us digging in and savoring it as much as the previous dishes. Dinner in the sky is a luxury, where such indulgence is justified.

Way beyond fine dining

To add to the sense of affluence, a pianist plays our favorite songs, his piano placed neatly on another suspension a few feet from ours. Finally satisfied from the delectable experience, we sit back and recollect our amazement at the start of the evening. Looking out from the window of our limo, we’dstared up at the massively elegant dining table, hanging fi y meters above Las Vegas. A strange sense of anticipation had filled us. Any fears of safety had been quickly dispelled as we met the team. Each member had undergone extensive training to qualify to be part of this unique experience.

Back to reality

In a few hours from now, it will be time for the table to be lowered and for us to step back in to the real world. Until then, we sit back and savor a delicious glass of wine, as the conversation and laughter at our table fills the night sky.

Best time to visit

January- March and June-October

Ideal length

4-7 days

Best for

Wildlife, romantic gateaway, family vacation

Experience includes

trek, sleep under the stars

Estimated cost

USD 3500 onwards

The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.