Discovering a different world in the French Riviera

The bright flowers of Grasse that blossom year-round are just one of the delights of the French Riviera. The medieval village of SaintPauldeVencewithitsmanyartgalleries and a visit to PlaceGodeau, a 10th century Notre Dame du Puy cathedral, will take you to the historian age of French art and culture. We also experience the modern city life in South France, as we visit the gastronomic hotspots, nightclubs, and stay at exotic luxury resorts that truly represent the essence of the country. Come discover the vibrant and varied world of opulence in the French Riviera.

Perfume capital of the world

Images of endless rows of fresh flowers, clean air and lush green lawns fill our minds. As we sit at the Place aux Aires, a decorative fountain splashes behind us and green hills loom in the horizon. We inhale deeply as the pristinely clean and sweet-smelling air fills our lungs, confirming in our minds that Grasse undoubtedly deserves its epithet.

Back to the medieval age

The medieval village of SaintPauldeVencewithitsmanyartgalleries has given us a glimpse into the rich cultural legacy of the region. The gardens bursting with color, the ancient fountains, and the quaint porches leaveus feeling calm and charmingly soothed.

Art for your soul

Soon, we are escorted to Place Godeau, a 10th century Notre Dame du Puy cathedral. Inside the cathedral, identified by its huge clock tower, hang three paintings dating back to 1601; each one a masterpiece in their own right. We instantly see the connection between the inspiring ambience of French Polynesia and the resulting artistic excellence.

Vibrant city life of the modern France

As the evening descends, we find ourselves at the Cote d'Azur, one of the most well known resorts of the French Riviera. The throbbing nightlife of the most fashionable casinos and nightclubs is at our doorstep and we set off to indulge in a night of gaiety. We’re amazed at the contrasts of the South of France, where 10th century cathedrals exist alongside pulsating discotheques. As we start swaying to the music floating around us under the dim lights, a group of local youngsters join in, smiling warmly. We smile back, happy to be here, in a land that is enveloped by the magic of Picasso and the fragrance of Grasse. We feel humbled by the culture of the region that exudes dignity and rich heritage, while displaying a dollop of modernity, without missing a beat.

Best time to visit

Apr - Aug

Ideal length

10-15 days

Best for

Family | Honeymoon Couple

Experience includes

St. Tropaz tour | Cannes Fishing Village tour | Hilltop Village, Fragonnard visit | Tour of Chambord & Tour of Chateau of Chenonceau | Monaco Tour | Nice Tour

Estimated cost

USD 6,000 onwards

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