Island Hopping in French Polynesia

The breathtaking and exotic islands of French Polynesia, inspire a sense of intrigue, and stories of the famous Marlon Brando falling in love with the area, fuel an overwhelming desire to visit thisidyllic islands that glistens across an area approximately the size of Europe. This is arguably one of the planet's most scenic wonders, a land of beaches, lagoons and peaks. We take you on a journey to visit some of the most pristine islands of the region providing unparalleled luxurious, authentic and enriching travel experiences.

Off to Bora Bora

Our plane lands at the Motu Mute airport in the Island of Bora Bora, our first stop in French Polynesia. We look out from the window at the pristine turquoise waters that give us a clear vision of the sea floor. Golden sands shape the shimmering island, surrounded by a canvas of blue and green, and covered in a mystifying glaze of white clouds. Our personal tour director receives us at the airport and escorts us to a waiting limousine, taking us straight to the gates of the epitome of luxury and beauty, the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort &Thalasso Spa.

Island hopping

Located on a coral island, the hotel is a marvel of lavish amenities including a Deep Ocean Spa, canoeing facilities and snorkeling arrangements. The cuisine of French Polynesia is a testament to its exotic luxe. Our first meal includes Chevreffes, which are freshwater shrimps, the Poisson Cru, consisting of raw fish marinated with lime juice and soaked and coconut milk, finished off by tall glass ofHinano, a local, refreshing beer.

Canoe excursion

The following morning, we enjoy a canoe excursion, feed coconut crabs, and even visit the hutments of the warm, friendly people. The lovely island of Huahinelies a short ten-minute flight from Bora Bora. Our personal tour director escorts us there to the campsite for Vaihonu Ocean at the edge of a shallow, rocky lagoon.

Intimate with the nature

We check in to a thatch roofed beach hut at the edge of the surf, where we can hear wave after wave gracefully lap the rocks on the beach. Over the next few days, we will travel across more than seven islands, each uniquely magical. As the cool tropical breeze grazes our skin and our toes feel the golden sands between them, we smile contented.

Best time to visit

Jun–Aug, Dec & Jan

Ideal length

6 to 7 nights

Best for

Romantic holiday

Experience includes

Learn the Heiva,Explore the Marquesas, Visit Ancient Temples, Visit the Blue Lagoon, Snorkeling and Diving

Estimated cost

USD 2000 onwards

Travelling turns you into a storyteller