Larnach Castle in New Zealand

New Zealand's only castle, Larnach stands regal as the pride of the nation. The sole edifice atop the Otago Peninsula, it enjoys a stunning location in a country already renowned for its scenery. Built in 1871 by a baron for his beloved wife, the monument is striking with its spectacular towers and gardens full of lush flora. Just the front entrance of the castle leaves one awed by its imposing facade. Embark on a journey to a different era, witness the real majesty of royal paintings, antiquated chandeliers, rich carpets, royal meals and a glorious ambience.

Mood setting

On the east side, you can see the rugged ends of Otago peninsula, marked by small inlets. Towards the south lies a vista of the Dunedin beaches of St. Kilda and St. Clair. Green hills form the view on west. All the while, we are conscious of the fact that the true marvel in this gorgeous panoramais that which lies beneath us. As we stand on one of the terraces of the breathtaking Larnach Castle, we are fully aware of itsair of mystique and scandalous past.

A historical room

The Victorian Room has been booked for our stay in this royal abode. Featuring a king sized four-poster bed, the room is decorated in Victorian colors and touches, underlining the British influence that is part of New Zealand's history.

Royal gastronomy

We follow our personal tour director to the castle dining room, resplendent with its vintage embellishments, gold-framed paintings and a roaring fireplace. Servings of Colonial Goose, muffins and Pavlova fill the room with their delicious aroma as the English influence makes itself evident once more in the cuisine. An hour later, we sip leisurely at some wine as we sit in the dining room of the castle, surrounded by royal memorabilia, feeling no less than royalty ourselves.

Best time to visit

Nov to Mar

Ideal length

4-5 Day

Best for


Experience includes

Life King size, Nature

Estimated cost

USD 3200 onwards

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