Lavender Trail in France

Life in Marseille, France’s second largest city, is distinctly different from that in the buzzing capital. The pace is poetically laidback and beauty lies in the simplicity of the surroundings.Discover the breathtaking lavender fields in the French countryside, taste the finest French wines while we arrange your luxe stays in some of the best boutique hotels. We’re here to explore the bountiful beds of lavender fields that bloom every summer and relaxed is just the right speed for us as we gaze out at the picturesque countryside.

Easy day tripping

Our sojourn starts in the quaint little towns of Luberon and Valencole, where one can find the largest spreads of lavender fields in the world. Lavender lovers can indulge in a variety of activities from harvesting the lavender and making bouquets to observing the beautiful flora, from under a tree, while sipping on a delicious glass of white wine. A tour of vibrant colors appears to be the theme as we are guided to the glittering turquoise blue of the Lac de Sainte Croix. We rest on the bank as a gentle breeze adds to the air of tranquility.

Lavender trail

The next day, we leave for Sault, the Capital of Lavender. We are mesmerized by the fragrance of of fresh blue flowers, as we continue our trail. The city was inspiration for Cezzane, who created his famed artwork during his residence in the area. Over the days, our senses are tantalized as we trail the blossoms through Banon, Lauris, Buoux and Bonnieux, relishing the local fare of bouillabaisse and navettes.

French countryside

Our private guide has saved the best for last as he guides us to Ansouis, a château built in the 17th century, overlooking manicured gardens and a beautiful countryside. The charming castle and magnificent old houses display a calm yet alluring ambience that casts an unmatched spell over us. Weighed down by souvenirs and the scent of Lavender in every form, we head homeward as our latest adventure slowly comes to an end.

Best time to visit

May - July

Ideal length

3-5 Nights

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Experience includes

Explore lavender field in Marseille

Estimated cost

USD 3,500 onwards

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