Morocco - A hidden Jewel

From everything we’ve heard and read about this particular chariot of transportation, the luxury train promises to be much more. Experience a world of timeless allure and majesty on this exceptional journey, we take you through the heart of Venice on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express. This trip is so unique, that in many ways it feels like time travelling to a different era.

The journey begins

We wait at the sleepy station in Venice for our train journey to commence. The train appears rising from behind a turn like a princess, its navy and gold colors gleaming splendidly. We stand there, bewitched by the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, as it makes its way towards us. Golden hues accentuate the exteriors of the vintage wagons, which sway elegantly as the train comes to a stop, halting with a slight hiss. If the exteriors left us spellbound, the interiors have us even more mesmerized. Polished wooden panels adornthe walls. A plush sofa awaits us in one corner, while a lovely vanity finds its place in another. Our luggage is already placed in the cabin, and we settle down and look out the window. Without the slightest bump, the train resumes her journey; pulling out of the station with a marked sense of grace and subtlety.

Gastronomic delight

After a luxurious and restful nap, we are ready for dinner. Adhering to the norms on the train, we slip into formal dinner wear, and are then escorted to a gorgeous dining car. Its interiors are bejeweled by Lalique crystal insets. We are seated at a reserved table, and a team of skilled and well-mannered staff lays some of the finest cuisine out before us. We are served a round of cognac after the sumptuous meal,and as we sit back our tour director shares stories of the regal history and legacy of the train.

Art affair

Celebrated as an Art Deco icon, the train has been carrying the world's elite since 1883. This legendary machine has carried kings and celebrities in its historical wagons, and also caught the fancy of Agatha Christie whocreated one of her most noted tales - Murder on the Orient Express, around it.

Back to the present

Listening to the mystifying history of the Venice Simplon- Orient Express, we feel even more drawn into the unabated elegance of the graceful train. Once again, we take a look around the dining car with its antique ambience, and take sip of the cognac, enchanted by this most extravagant of rides.

Best time to visit

Mar to May & Sept to Nov

Ideal length

8-10 Day

Best for

Couples & Families

Experience includes

Rabat & Casablanca

Estimated cost

USD 4500 onwards

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow