Private Island Rentals, Your Own Piece of Paradise

A bonfire crackles on the beach, its leaping flames radiating a warm glow into the night. The stars illuminate the night sky above us, and the clear waters of the Bahamas rise and falling resounding crescendo against the rocky shore a few feet away. As we lie on the beach, satiated by a meal of crawfish and land crabs, violinists regale us with their lyrical notes.These are some of the glimpses of owning a private island for your holiday with Lushescapes, be a part of this experience for a majestic gateaway.

Larger than life

We look up the starry sky, sparkling like a curtain of diamonds laid out above us. Here we are, in the lap of luxury, alone on a deserted island, in a cocoon of privacy. No other tourists, no rows of hotels, no hawkers selling their wares. Just us and the unspoiled island; with its golden beaches, clear turquoise waters and all the accompaniments of a large luxury villa.

Dream vacation come true

This has been a dream vacation in every sense of the word. The villa’s staff of over thirty members, including master chefs, stewards, and musicians, fusses over us in an effort to fulfill our every wish. Now as the bonfiredies down, the violinists retire, and we make our way to the villa while the staff readies our suite for the night.

Luxury redefined

After a refreshing night's sleep, we awake as the earliest rays’ filter through the silken curtains. Half an hour later, we are aboard a luxury yacht in the ocean, our fishing line dangling excitedly in the water. Our Island is visible in the distance, while musicians fromthe Bahamas regale us in the morning light. The lighthearted beat blends in with the effortless serenity of our surroundings.Suddenly, our fishing line becomes taut and we still in anticipation. A thrill rushes through us and we pull the line back, the rhythm of the music serving as a perfect background score. As we pull harder, a sparkling greenDorado emerges from the water. The staff claps excitedly as we pull it up and on to the deck, its tail still flapping. We hold the creature up like a prized possession, as the yacht steers back towards our little place in paradise.

Best time to visit

All year around

Ideal length

5-7 days

Best for

Couples, Families, Bachelor Parties, Etc

Experience includes

Luxury Stay, All Meals, Overnight parties etc

Estimated cost

USD 35,000 onwards

People don’t take trips, trips take people.