Sweden - Northern Lights, Lapland & Skiing

Home of the Snow Queen and Santa Claus, Sweden has its fair share of real fairytales as the setting of the northern lights.A visit to Sweden makes for a special experience, and we have come up with a selection that will make this journey extra special. A safari to the highest point of Lapland to witness the northern lights and the magical Swedish landscape, see the festivities in full swing at Stockholm, experience the rich cultural heritage, unique luxury stays and also indulge in some skiing in this captivating land of the Vikings. One has to be truly blessed to witness the phenomena of the northern lights; come see for yourself.

Evening walk to the Northern lights

We start our journey in this magical land in Rovaniemi at the heart of Lapland. Late in the evening, we walk down to the pristine river waters, soaking in the blissfulness of the tranquil yet scenic surroundings. The dramatic scenery is made all the more striking as the sky above is streaked with the mesmerizing colors of the Northern Lights.

Christmas safari

A safari tour experience is slated for the morning and we work our way down from the highest point in the city, the peak of Ounasvaara fell, to the Arktikum science centre, the Provincial Museum of Lapland that gives visitors an accurate depiction of the rich cultural heritage of the Lapp regions and finally the Santa Claus Village, far more enchanting than our inner child can imagine. We try our own hand at the Christmas miracle by acquiring a reindeer driving license at The Arctic Circle Reindeer farm, laughing in delight as we drive our sled through the magical Swedish Landscapes.

Stay at the top

A five-day stay at the awe inspiring Copperhill Mountain Lodge, in the spectacular resort of Åre-Östersund, gives us an opportunity to indulge in world-class skiing. Our beguiling experience comes to a resounding finish at the heights of beauty in this captivating land of the Vikings.

Back to city life

Our next destination, Stockholm, takes us back to city life. New Year festivities are in full swing and the city sparkles like a white diamond. Our trip includes a traditional meal with a famed local historian who has us charmed with interesting tidbits of the customs of the city.

Best time to visit

Dec - Feb

Ideal length

4-7 nights

Best for

Honeymoon | Family Trip

Experience includes

Northern Light Chase | Snowmobile | Dog & Reindeer sledding | Ice Fishing | Santa Claus Village

Estimated cost

USD 2,000 onwards