The Arabian Retreat

The Middle East is world central for splendor, luxury, and cosmopolitan culture. In fact, calling it an epitome of luxury might just be an understatement. Say hello to the limo city tour of Dubai, gastronomy treats, private yachts, a visit to Muscat and more “Lush” experiences customized for you. Make the most of the Arabian desert by staying at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, and explore the countryside on a luxe drive to Al Jabal Al Akhdar(The green mountain) for some scenic wonders. If you, like us, love a fast paced life with a few moments of solitude, get ready to embark on an opulent experience in the heart of the Arabian Gulf.

Explore Dubai

We drive by the shimmering Dubai Creek and sandy shores of the Jumeirah Beach. The Jumeirah Mosque stands magnificient in the afternoon light. Our drive takes us past the famed Burj Al Arab, MadinatJumeirah and Palm Atlantis Hotel. As the sun sets, we step aboard a private yacht to cruise from the Dubai Marina in to deeper waters, looking back at the city’s breathtaking skyline.

Desert calling

We spend the next couple of days at the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort, revelling in the sports of archery, camel riding and sand dune bashing. It’s not all adrenaline-inducing, as we make time for relaxing sessions at the luxuriant spa, indulge in a personalized wellness regime and even learn a few tricks at a cooking class.

Off to Muscat

Our last stop is Muscat, where the flavour of the journey changes. Life in this sister city, while opulent still, is definitely slower than Dubai. A visit to the colourfulMuttrahSouq, where we haggle with the local traders for wares, makes us feel like a character out of the Arabian Nights. Away from the city, we immerse ourselves in exploring the countryside and traverse the wadis and mountain ranges of the rocky terrain.

Green mountains

A drive to the splendid Al Jabal Al Akhdar Sanctuary surrounded by the beautiful Al Hajar mountains, is a treat to the eyes. A soulful sightseeing tour, a picnic in the is a whole new side and mood to the Middle East.

Best time to visit


Ideal length

4-6 Days

Best for

Family Vacations

Experience includes

Desert Safari , Impressive Skyline, private Yacht, helicopter ride

Estimated cost

USD 3,000 onwards

Travelling turns you into a storyteller