The Land of the Midnight Sun...

Scandinaviancountries are one of the most beautiful and varied regions on the planet; and we are big fans of Norway for its incredible natural beauty, and a host of extraordinary experiences that define the absolute grandeur. Like always, we bring the best of this arctic wonderland - from private city tours with our guides to unique accommodations at luxury boutique hotels, from exploration tours of Senja islands to midnight sun safari in Ersfjorden, and the magical backdrop of snow covered mountains and blue waters of Norwegian Sea. This holiday will surely make you feel like royalty.

Off to Norway

As our plane lands at the Tromso Airport in Langnes, our excitement reaches its peak. Snow covered hills, blue waters and beautiful landscape: the view outside the window is breathtaking. The twinkling lights of the city give us a hint of what the arctic wonderland of Norway has in store for us. As we make way to the hotel, the august mountains and the fjords leave us stunned. Located on the quay, stretching over the local strait, is our boutique hotel, Rica Ishavshotel, perfectly positioned to view the rich topography.

Midnight sun safari

Excitement awaits us as we head to Ersfjorden for a midnight sun safari. The 13-km long fjord is encircled by mountains and the icy glacial waters are aglow in the sunshine. At the end of a perfect day, a ferry trip to the island of Vagsoy is the icing on the cake. As we journey on to Longyear, the northernmost city of Norway, we realize our adventures are coming to an end. Diamond like shimmering fjords, frozen in the icy winds of this arctic city, leave a lasting and impactful impression on our mind.

Back to city life

Our next destination, Stockholm, takes us back to city life. New Year festivities are in full swing and the city sparkles like a white diamond. Our trip includes a traditional meal with a famed local historian who has us charmed with interesting tidbits of the customs of the city.

Best time to visit

May - Jul

Ideal length

3-4 Nights

Best for

Family | Couples

Experience includes

Tour of Senja Islands | Ersfjordern for midnight sun safari | Ferry trip in Vengsoy Island

Estimated cost

USD 3000 onwards

The traveler sees what he sees.
The tourist sees what he has come to see.