The Ride of a Lifetime

The feel of the majestic and beautiful Italian countryside road is an absolute pleasure for anydriver. When that driver is seated in a gleaming red Ferrari the thrill quotient is upped tenfold. That’s right. Get your own Ferrari to rule the roads of Italy. It gets even better, stay like a king at a beautiful late Renaissance country home in Tuscany, savor Italian delicacies and some great wines, and pamper yourself with a spa therapy. Safe to say, this will be one of best rides of a lifetime. In fact, this must be on your bucketlist

Ride begins

We look ahead at the road as it stretches out before you like a silken ribbon. A medieval age church stands imposingly to our left, while carefully laid out vineyards present a canvas of yellow and green along the edge of the road. There is a nip in the air, blended with the pleasant smell of olives wafting from the groves visible faintly near the horizon.

Luxury at its best

Our stay is nothing less than luxurious at the luxurious Villa Le Maschere, a beautiful late Renaissance country home in Tuscany, we’re ready for the adventures of the day. Our taste buds are still tantalized by the taste of our exotic breakfast; Chianti and Ravi- oli, prepared using the masterful tips of the great Chef FulvioPierangelini himself. After a while, we recline and absorb the invigorating sights and sounds of the Italian countryside, fingers resting on the steering wheel as the engines of our powerful cars rev with the anticipation that we feel in our pulse.

Drive on

Taking a deep breath, we reach for the ignition and turn the keys of our majestic rides in unison. The mighty Ferrari engines roar to life and seconds later we’re cruising down the road, led by our personal tour director's black Alfa Romeo Brera. We head towards the curvaceous mountain area where our convoy glides to a stop before the ultra modern Fonte- verde Spa Center, one of the most luxurious spas in Europe.

Date with some wines

A couple of hours later, rejuvenated by an exquisite thermal therapy session, we find ourselves back behind the wheels of our swanky carriage. Our next stop is a private wine tasting session by Antinori, the internationally recognized master of wine production. Then on toa guided exploration of the walled medieval in hill town of San Gimignano, from where we end the night in Siena at the 17th century built, 5 star Grand Hotel Continental.The morning will bring withit our new ride, the powerful Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Excited by the thought of the days ahead and enamored by the experiences this holiday has brought forth, we drift off to thoughts of magical Italy.

Best time to visit

April-June, Mid Sep-October

Ideal length

6-9 days

Best for

Romantic honeymoon, family getaway

Experience includes

Ferrari at disposal, excursion, accommodation

Estimated cost

USD 12,500 onwards

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