Venture out on the Skeletal Coast: Namibia

Namibia has an amalgamation of natural wonders of all kinds, from the world’s most primeval desert to dreamlike sand dunes, canyons and a wild coastline. The thought of dune bashing amidst the sands of the Namibian desert, spending nights at wildlife reserves and meeting with tribesmen, awakes the thrill seeker in us. There is a lot more on this journey, enjoy the thrill of air safari, accommodations at some of the best luxury boutique hotels and witness the spectacular wildlife, surreal landscape and ethnic culture.


Air safari to begin with

Our story begins up in the clouds in an air safari that takes us to the gorgeous Kulala wilderness reserve in the bedazzling Sossusvlei region. Situated between towering red dunes, the pale expanse of the Namib Desert is just a stone’s throw away.

Into the wild

Escorted through private check-in at the 70,000-hectare reserve, we are astounded by the array of creatures in the park. Ostriches, springboks, gemsboks, bat-eared fox, cape fox, cheetah and black-backed jackal parade nonchalantly.


Let’s meet the desert and the water

On 3-hour flight we head to Damaraland Camp. Down below lies the Skeleton Coast, littered with hundreds of shipwrecks, against the rugged landscape of the vast expanse of the desert and water. Torra Conservancy, Damaraland, is a retreat of rugged beauty, lush with desert-flora. The environmentally conscious retreat offers luxury tents and a fabulous view of elephants, Hartmann’s mountain zebras, and the sedate southern giraffes that roam this sanctuary.

Like a local

On the final day, a walk in the tranquil mountains refreshes our mind and body. A visit to the Himba settlement gives us an unparalleled opportunity to interact with one of the last authentic nomads of this settlement. Soaking in the wilderness of the valley, we head home rejuvenated.

Best time to visit

April - June

Ideal length

4-5 Day

Best for

Adventure, Students

Experience includes

Adventure, Foresting

Estimated cost

USD 5000 onwards