Yacht Sailing on the Open Seas

The clear, blue waters rise as waves, like showering curtains raining down on the surface of the ocean for as far as we can see. Gusts of wind strike against our bodies, adding to our sense of exhilaration. Our opulent and speedy ride streams across the waters like a chariot. These are some of the glimpses of the yacht sailing experience with Lushescapes. You can turn steering along with new found self-assuredness and zeal that belies the fact that it’s only your first experience of yacht sailing.

On a different voyage

The winds change direction slightly, and we expertly maneuver the yacht, aligning the elegant vehicle with the flow of the breeze. We see a sudden movement to the far left. We turn instantly, only to find waves lapping at each other. As we keep staring, wondering what it was that caught our attention, there’s a break in the surface. We watch awestruck as adolphin leaps in to the air, its glistening body forming an arc as it rises over the surface. It turns towards us gazing and seemingly nods in welcome as it dives back in to the deep waters, leaving us to stand on the deck spellbound.

Welcome to Antara

As we’d stepped in to our waiting limo at the airport this morning, we had been clueless about how breathtaking the experience of sailing on the open seas could be. As we drove up to the yacht, we started to get an inkling of the wonders of the day ahead. It’s sleek structure lay gently bobbing on the water and we hopped on to the explore its state-of-the-art interiors with four newly varnished satin teak staterooms, a master suite with a steam shower, office area and even a health club. The beautiful ANTARA struck us asa gleaming masterpiece of luxury.

Sail away

Now sailing speedily across the churning waters, we see the island of Crete looming in the horizon. With its rocky outline, the island looks both intimidating and alluring. Heading for the island, we start turning the steering with grace. Latching onto our moves, the yacht begins to curve, sending sharp sheets of the clear blue water leaping in the air. Aligning the nose of ANTARA with the direction leading to Crete, we stabilize her expertly. "Good Job!” yells our guide, as we lead the yacht forward towards yet another exploration.

Best time to visit

From March to October

Ideal length

5-7 days

Best for

Couples, Families, Bachelor Parties, Etc

Experience includes

Sailing on unexplored Islands, Luxury Stay, All Meals, Overnight parties etc

Estimated cost

USD 25,000 onwards

Travelling turns you into a storyteller